Rethink  -  Reinvent  -  Reuse
Thanks to our Sponsors:
Exhibit at Upcycle 2017

Please contact us if you are interested in exhibiting at Upcycle.  

We welcome people who demonstrate upcycling techniques in their

Exhibitors will get promotion during the event, promotion on our
facebook and websites, the opportunity to participate in our awards
evening, space to showcase your products and techniques.   We
encourage exhibitors to activity showcase their products.   You are
welcome to sell your products at the exhibition.   To establish the event
we are keeping exhibitors fees small.

The opportunity to run workshops is available to interested parties. 
Contact us if you have a workshop idea.  Workshops provide the
opportunity to showcase your skills, share upcycling concepts and
position yourself as in industry expert.

Enter our upcycle awards and showcase your upcycled products.  Tell
us what you did and why.   Inspire the judges with your creative rethink,
reinvent, and reuse.  Judging categories:  Fashion, Furniture,
Technology, Garden and Art.  Items will be judged on aesthetics,
creativity, uniqueness, functionality, creative process and